Sharing Session: Speak Glowingly of Development and Future

Release time:2015-07-24 18:59
  Be in the same boat for twenty years and realize the dream of Guozhen by discussing the future. For twenty years, those New Era personnel of exploiting the boundary are the best witnesses of flourishing and booming health undertaking. On the afternoon of July 18th, the sharing session with the theme “Dream of New Era — Twenty Years, We Walked Together” were grandly held in National Badminton Training Base in Yantai Development Zone. Excellent distributors of the international market and domestic New Era personnel jointly listened and perceived persistence and adherence of entrepreneurs.Birthday Blessing of New Era personnel brought sweet and heartwarming atmosphere. Afterwards, the general manager Huang Yonggang led everyone to retrospect successive leaders, experts and professors throughout development of the company. He jointly expressed heartfelt appreciation for these persons with all present New Era personnel, and also showed high respect to those partners who work hard and cultivate silently for health undertaking. The vice general manager Dong Yongming shared his own business stories with everyone, which vividly presented those moving and gratifying striving days and gave rise to strong resonance.The memorable moments of Entrepreneurship Age brought everyone back to those passionate striving days. The high-level leaders at home went up onto the platform in batches and made wonderful sharing specific to choosing New Era, health dreams, business opportunities, patriotic feelings, striving stories and other subjects. Four-star leader Mr. Jia Jianhui Russian market of Zhong Jian International expressed congratulations to the 20th birthday of New Age in Russian. He considered that management of New Age company is normative and the quality of products is good, which gives great support to steady development of Russian market. The representatives of Russian excellent distributors also put on wonderful performances, which expressed firm belief and endless love to New Era. The scene was permeated with dense Russian customs. The responsibility is heavy and the mission is glorious. The remembering of twenty years is aftertaste and summary of passing days. The appreciation of twenty years is yearning and anticipation for the future. Today we are standing at a new starting point and ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. The activity came to a successful conclusion along with singing of New Era March.