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Lung nourishment in autumn

Release time:2018-09-25 06:01  

A man's lungs decay first. A large number of clinical data show that lung is the most delicate organ of human body, which is easy to be damaged by internal and external factors, and the most vulnerable line of defense of human body. So the key to prolonging life is to protect your lungs.
    Summer nourishes the liver, while autumn raises the lung. Especially to the eldly, autumn is the best season for lung nourishment. The reason is, when autumn comes, the weather gets dry and the lungs become fragile. And our skin moisture evaporates faster that causes skin dryness, nose dryness and sore throat etc. In order to moisten the lungs and relieve cough in daily life, one should eat more foods with moisturizing effects such as winter melon, watermelon, pear, tofu etc. In addition, health product experts recommend one take Guozhen Bamboo Chrysanthemum and Lily powder, which has proven good effects on the easing of the lungs’ hotness, dryness and yin deficiency and moisturizing the intestines.

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