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Health care in summer needs to clear inner fire first

Release time:2018-07-12 10:53  

    When the weather is hot, the yang of the heart is particularly exuberant, which is prone to turning into inner heat or fire. If the diet is not appropriate, be it excessive drinking or spicy foods, it is more likely to cause inner fire. The result is either slight discomfort, or a serious disease. Therefore, health care in summer should first clear inner fire, and remember five words in heart: bitter, moist, gentle, unblocked, and stable.

    Diet should be "bitter" and "moist". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bitter and cold foods can clear up inner heat and dampness, strengthen spleen function and help reduce inner humidity. It is recommended to eat more balsam pear, lotus seed, celery, lettuce, chrysanthemum etc. As people sweat a lot in summer, which easily leads to over consumption of qi and body fluid, apart from clearing inner fire, it is better to eat such foods as dendrobium, pear, waxberry, lotus root etc. which helps relieve body thirst and generate body fluid.  

    Exercising should be "gentle". Sweating too much in summer can lead to over consumption of qi and body fluid, which can further cause dizziness, chest tightness, heart palpitations, thirst,or even coma. Therefore, it is advisable to do such “gentle”aerobic exercises as jogging, walking, Taiji boxing and exercising to radio music.

    Main and collateral channels should be “unblocked”. Apart from clearing inner fire, it is suggested to use the method of scraping to decrease inner humidity. Hold the scraping plate with the thin edge towards the palm and the thick edge as the pressure point, and keep moving it in a circular motion with gradually increased and then decreased strength. It is usually performed on the back with a little vaseline or vegetable oil smeared on beforehand. Each scraping takes about 20~30 takes or 5~10 minutes and should be done no more than once a week.

    Emotions are better to be "stable". In the summer sultry,people’s sleep quality usually declines and mood fluctuates. Therefore, in summer, it is advisable to calm the mind, adjust the breath and seek inner peace. The saying that "Calm the mind and you’ll be naturally cool" states the truth.

    Clearing inner fire in summer is not suitable to all. Those who have weak body and low temperature or are afraid of coldness, should be careful with it. When clearing inner fire, it is also important to differentiate between groups,for example, females who thinks too much should clear mainly heart and liver fire; males that smokes or drinks a lot would want to clear lung and stomach fire; frail old people should pay special attention to kidney and lung fire. (Source: Life Times)


     Health tips:Bamboo Chrysan Lilium Powder

     Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Lophatherum Powder, Chrysan Powder, Snow Pear

     Powder, Lilium Powder, Sea-Buckthorn Powder, Xylooligosaccharide Powder


    • Made from bamboo leaf, flos chrysanthemi, sea buckthorn, snow pear, lily and functional oligosaccharide, Bamboo Chrysan Lilium Powder is a natural health drink integrating the functions of strengthening prevention, nourishing the lungs and eliminating toxins that can comprehensively take care of the health of the respiratory system.

    Based on Homology of Medicines and Foods

    Promote secretion of saliva, reduce phlegm and nourish the lungs

    • Snow Pear: contains malic acid, citric acid, vitamin and carotene, with the functions of promoting the secretion of saliva, clearing away heat   and eliminating phlegm.

    • Lily: nourishes Yin, clears away heat, nourishes the lungs, relieves thirst, and calms the nerves.

     Clear away heat and make comprehensive adjustments

    • Bamboo Leaf: contains flavonoid, phenolic acids and coumarin lactones and can diminish inflammation, fight against bacteria and eliminate free radicals.

    • Flos Chrysanthemi: clears away heat, removes toxic substances, promotes the secretion of saliva, reduces fatness and builds the body.

    • Sea Buckthorn: contains rich vitamin C and can relieve cough and asthma, invigorate stomach, promote blood circulation and remove stasis.

    • Functional Oligosaccharide: can moisten intestinal tracts and remove toxins.

     Applying Advanced Extraction Technology

     Low-temperature physical water extraction technology is adopted, which can fully maintain the bio-activeness of ingredients such as  flavonoids, phenolic acids and vitamins.

    The form of granule is adopted to promote rapid absorption of effective ingredients;

    Effective ingredients that are good for fighting against adverse external environment and relieving lung heat are added to the traditional lung-nourishing formula.

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