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Pine pollen and human health

Release time:2018-04-28 15:26  

It is a miracle of nature that pines can always stay green and never appear senile. Pine pollen, pine’s sperm cell, is the life source of the pines. It is recorded in ancient codices, such as the 2000 year-old Shennong’s Herbal Classic and today’s Chinese Pharmacopoeia as both food and medicine. It is even regarded as a ‘magic drug’ owing to its wonderful results.
        Guozhen Pine Pollen contains rich nutrition, and advanced technology allows the active components in it to be fully absorbed by our body. It has become a health food well received by the market.

Purely Natural

        The pollen is collected manually with the characteristics of single flower source, pure quality, stable ingredient, no pesticide residue and no animal hormones. It is a purely natural health product.
Fully Nutritious
        In a co-research by institute of Nutritional Physiology (European Research Center of Microelement Metabolism), Technical University of Munich, Germany and Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, China PLA General Hospital, it is proved: pine pollen contains all the nutrition necessary to a most long-lived life, including various proteins, nearly 20 amino acids, over 30 minerals and microelements, 14 vitamins, nearly 100 enzymes and coenzymes necessary to the body, and more than 200 other nutrients such as nucleic acids, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, cellulose, unsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids.
Fully Bioactive
         Each grain of pine pollen is a bioactive entity and all of its nutriments are of bioactivity. By utilizing the low-temperature high speed sporoderm-breaking technology, the sporoderm-breaking rate of Guozhen Pine Pollen is as high as 99%. Therefore, the nutriments and bioactive components can be fully released and more easily absorbed by the body.
Healthcare Functions
         The internal balance is the key to health. Pine Pollen contains almost all kinds of nutrition in a good combination, and is regarded as the ‘healthcare treasure for human from god’ by nutritionist. Long-term administration can help to maintain the nutritional balance and acid and alkali balance inside the body. Proven by experiments, Pine Pollen has good effect on incretion regulation, immunity enhancement, heart and liver protection, gastrointestinal regulation, weight control, flu prevention, anemia prevention, and beautification, etc.

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