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Come and Join the Trip to Explore the Resource of Pine Pollen and Bamboo Leaf


    The Thousand-island Lake and Anji located in Zhejiang, China are home to the popular pine and bamboo series of the company, and famous for their natural beauty. Early April is the best time of the year to see the pines in blossom alongside the Thousand-island Lake and visit the Anji bamboo forest. Eligible participants will enjoy a SPONSORED trip with other distributors of New Era worldwide.

    Time: Early April 2018 (5-6 days for the whole journey, to be informed)   
Between the performance reporting period of October 2017 and January 2018:
    1. Qualified Level-8 Managers with 2 departments ≥20,000 PV EACH and the remaining departments ≥20,000 PV during the above period for 4 consecutive months.
    2. Performance of the qualified subordinates will not be counted as a part of the team performance of their superiors.
    3. Eligible participants (to be informed by the company) shall bear the transportation costs to and from Shanghai and any visa application fees, if applicable. Other costs during the journey afterwords, mainly hotel, transportation and dining will be sponsored by Zhong Jian International.
    4. Intended participants please contact your store or service outlet to check your performance during 8th and 10th of the assessment period and ensure that you will be eligible. 
For more information, please contact 00852-26206328.