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Successful Training on Key Distributors and Lecturers in Myanmar Market


  A successful training on key distributors and lecturers was held in Myanmar on August 30 - September 2, 2016, and more than 140 distributors from different regions in Myanmar participated in this four days training.
    Mr. Chen Zhaolong, an outstanding leader from China, gave a professional training to the friends in Myanmar, including product knowledge, professional skills, communication ability, motivation strengthening and other contents required urgently in the market. Mr. Wang Chuandong (the leader of Myanmar market) also tested the product at site, so that the friends in Myanmar got great benefit. Ms. An Yuling, the lecturer of Zhong Jian International, provided training to the lecturers of the distributors in level 7 or above of existing products in Myanmar market. Moreover, all distributors at level 7 or above had a speech on stage for rehearsal, the atmosphere on training site was vivid and the lecturers' ability was promoted.
    During the training, the company showed loving concern on the distributors suffered seriously in the flood disaster in Myanmar. In order to help the affected people to rebuild homeland in Myanmar, the company donated 8.5 million Kyat to New Era people affected by the flood disaster to express loving concern and fight against the flood disaster with the partners in Myanmar for a better life!