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On the Development of Singaporean Market

Release time:2016-08-03 15:33  

Singapore, an island country with an area of only over 600 square kilometers, is one of the richest countries in the world, a newly-rising developed nation and an important window for the West and the East to communicate with each other. With “national capitalism” as its economic mode, it is known for a stable politics and a clean and efficient government, serving as one of the most important financial, service and shipping centers in Asia. According to the ranking of Global Financial Centres Index, Singapore is the fourth global financial center following New York, London and Hong Kong.

There is no need to apply for a business license for direct selling if you are going to establish a direct selling company in Singapore, which is a government policy to encourage foreign direct selling enterprises to invest in Singapore. According to statistics, the direct selling industry of Singapore has a scale of about 470 million SGDs (about 2.4 billion RMB), involving about 0.465 million people, that is, 9.3% of the total population.

Thanks to the endeavor of the company and the distributors, Singaporean market has scored substantial development. In December, 2011, Mr. Zheng Zhongyuan signed a letter of content to explore Singaporean market with the company, taking charge of the franchised partners in Singapore. In March, 2012, the registration of Pine Pollen, Bamboo Leaf Essence and Pine Pollen LiverAid in Singapore was finished. From March 28th to April 3rd, Mr. Jiang Qingmin, Deputy General Manager of Zhongjian International Company Limited and Liu Shuo, regional marketing in-charge investigated the Singaporean market, had a meeting with Mr. Zheng Zhongyuan to introduce him to the marketing management plans and details of relevant business processes, visited the service outlets of Mr. Zheng, attended a “career talk” and listened to the feedback of the market.
In mid-April, 2012, Mr. Zheng Zhongyuan and his companions paid a visit to the headquarter of New Era Health Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Mr. Dong Yongming, General Manager of Zhongjian International expressed his warm welcome to the partners from Singapore and gave a introduction to the development and market prospect of the company. Afterwards, Mr. Zheng and his companions visited the Exhibition Hall, where they listened to the detailed introduction of the presenter, checked the exhibitions in person, and felt more confident about the product prospect in Singapore. 

By far, the franchised partners in Singapore are working on the preparation of the platform in a vigorous manner, striving to become a new landmark in the market globalization of Zhongjian International.



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