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1. No person is a healthy person?

"Not sick person is a healthy person", the formulation is general, one-sided, not correct, should have specific analysis.

Have this kind of people, usually pay attention to own health, diet structure; Pay attention to proper arrange our work, study, rest, entertainment and sports; Pay attention to their psychological state, social interaction, they feel better, energetic, vibrant, to disease resistance ability is stronger, such people can be said to be a healthy person.

Also have another kind of people, the hospital in a variety of inspection means to check out what specific disease, but there's always a weak body discomfort, be agitated, insomnia, heart palpitations, need not take medicine these feelings also can disappear by oneself, but cannot eliminate again, always, for this kind of person we call the body is in a "sub health", also is what some scholars call "the body and the third state" or "gray state". It between health and disease, on the surface, harmless to human body, just as the body's ability to reduce, in fact, the potential threat is not allow to ignore, it is often some chronic diseases, like diabetes, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, cancer, etc. One of the root causes of this situation is no correct understanding for people's health, all kinds of factors on the threat to their health lost should be vigilant, including due to the complexity of various relations in the modern society caused by mental stress, work pressure, pollution of the environment of modern industrialization and unreasonable factors such as diet. So spread health knowledge, let everyone know how approaches to health and the health is very necessary. In real life, "no disease is not equal to health, no feeling is not the same as not sick", for "no disease is healthy" view, should change ideas, actively to get the true health of life

2. What are the factors which can affect health?

The world health organization report, health and long life depends on the following factors:

Self care (60%), genetic factors accounted for 15%, social factors accounted for 10%, 8% medical conditions, climate factors accounted for 7%.

Report is very emphasis on strengthening the importance of health education, health protection, health promotion, promote self-care. This new concept requires people to focus shifted from favor treatment to actively prevent and health care, from dependence on doctors to grasp the fate of health by itself.

3. What is not have cure disease cure not ill?

"Don't have disease cure cure not ill" this sentence said by the ancient Chinese medical classics, huangdi neijing, which means "don't wait to have to cure the disease, but in not ill just prevent disease". It fully shows the medicine two important tasks, namely, prevention and cure, and points out that the latter is more important, the words in today still have realistic significance.

In recent decades, chronic non-communicable diseases (such as malignant tumor, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, etc.) increased, the mortality rate obviously rise, already pose a great threat to human life and health. Chronic diseases, medical research shows that, although in clinically, the disease in the elderly, more risk factors but often in youth, he had already appeared. These diseases once formed, the treatment has a limit, but the illness and the sick rate is high, and the treatment is expensive. Therefore, prevention measures should be a teenager.