The 4th face-to-face session of Peking University Class 2nd season open officially

Release time:2018-10-29 10:14
    From October 8th to 12th , more than 40 students from the fourth session of the Peking University Health Industry Excellence Team Leadership Seminar (hereinafter referred to as "Peking University Class") gathered together on campus to attend  courses taught by well-known Peking professors and scholars and receive their face-to-face instructions.
    Peking University has carefully arranged the teaching programs, which includes courses taught by such prominent professors as Prof.Ju Guoyu, former party secretary of the School of Economics and current director of the Institute of Economics and Prof. Zhou Wangsheng of Law School who is called the “father of China’s legislative science”for New Era students. The courses’ contents range from macro politics, economics, culture to team building, performance management and emotional construction, which are all closely related to the New Era cause.
    Classes at Peking University are lively and highly complementary. The lecturers are professional and passionate and discussions between students and teachers on domestic and international issues are free and in depth. New Era students felt at heart the freedom and inclusiveness of thought at Peking University.
    After two face-to-face training classes, students of the fourth session of Peking University Class mastered a wealth of knowledge and improved leadership capabilities. With more energy, enthusiasm and momentum, they will devote themselves to the great health cause and contribute more to the development of national industries and the benefit of human health.