"Guozhen Youth Future of Space" 2018 Guozhen Hope Primary School Summer Camp came to a successful end

Release time:2018-07-26 22:14
    On July 15-19, "Guozhen Youth Future of Space"--2018 Guozhen Hope Primary School Summer Camp was held successfully in the city of Yantai, Shandong Province.
    At their first stop, teachers and students attending the summer camp came to the Penglai Ocean Polar World to explore the mysteries of the sea; then they visited the legendary "fairyland on earth"--Penglai Pavilion to feel the charm of harmony between Chinese traditional culture and classical architecture; and strolled along the golden sand beach to enjoy close contact with the sea. In the meanwhile, the teachers and students of Guozhen Hope Primary School Summer Camp experienced rich scientific and technological culture and boarded the Hefei missile destroyer to witness the motherland's powerful coastal defense science and technology. They visited the 513 space science and technology exhibition hall to explore the mysteries of space in depth. By paying a visit to Yantai University, the students and teachers felt the cultural charm of the university.
    More unforgettably, the students participated in the "New Era Glamour" New Era Health Industry Group 2018 Annual Gala and experienced the unique New Era charm and let fly their Guozhen dream.
    Guozhen Hope Primary School Summer Camp which lasted for nearly a week has come to a successful conclusion. Although the time is short, the students are reluctant to leave. Here in the camp, they meet and get to know each other, together  they broaden their horizons and harvest these beautiful memories and blessings, and each embarks on a better tomorrow. The New Era people will continue to pay attention to the healthy growth of children with more responsibility and love.