"Precise Poverty Alleviation, Culture Assistance--Famous New Era-ers go to schools" activity held grandly

Release time:2018-06-27 17:48
    On June 22nd, the themed activity "Precise Poverty Alleviation, Culture Assistance--Famous New Era-ers go to schools", co-laundered by New Era Health Industry Group with China Newspaper Association’s China Industrial Economic Information Network, was held          

    successfully in the central primary school of Baotai Town, Pingyi County, Shandong Province.
    At the event, all guests jointly unveiled the Guozhen Bookstore and donated 20,000 yuan as its construction fund. Representatives of New Era star leaders donated 100,000 yuan to the local youth league committee and 1000 yuan each to the 20 students at the site who were in need.
    Since its establishment, the company has carried out active public welfare exploration and effective public interest investment in the areas such as primary school construction, disaster area reconstruction and personnel training in the west. Currently, the company has   

    accumulated more than 19 million yuan of public welfare projects, and has been building more than 20 Guozhen Hope primary schools and  nearly 300 Guozhen Bookstores around the country; in the meanwhile, the company also organizes summer camp activities every year for Guozhen Hope primary schools.