"Guozhen Youth Future of Space" Guozhen Hope Primary School Summer Camp fulfills dream for love

Release time:2018-06-12 20:56
    From August 7 to 12, 2017, 32 teachers and students from 8 Guozhen Hope elementary schools in China gathered in Beijing to participate in the "Guozhen Youth Future of Space" Guozhen Hope Primary School Summer Camp, which was co-organized by New Era Health Industry Group and the China Youth Development Foundation.
    In order to promote the development of education and progress of a civic society, the company has contributed to the building of Guozhen Hope Primary Schools, Guozhen Book Houses and supported educational activities with donations in the country's old and poor areas. As of May 2017, the number of Guozhen Hope Primary Schools has reached 24 with 18 being completed and 6 under construction. At the same time, in order to enrich students' summer life, the company has started since 2013 organizing "Guozhen Youth Future of Space" Guozhen Hope Primary School Summer Camp, which has come to the fourth session.