Inspection and investigation on Yantai New Era Health Industry Industrial Park by expert jury

Release time:2018-05-31 19:02
    January 16, a jury of health care industry brand value evaluation experts organized by the China Health Care Association went to Yantai New Era Health Industry Industrial Park for field investigation and research.
    Visiting Yantai New Era Health Industry Industrial Park, the jury made field investigations of the production workshop, logistics stereoscopic storehouse, pollen bank and exhibition hall, and obtained details of the production, management and innovation development of the company. The company's such aspects as strong scientific and technological strength, clean production environment, advanced production equipment, high standard quality control, fully automated production line, intelligent robot operation have been unanimously affirmed by the experts.
    After visiting the park, company leaders reported to the jury. After listening to the reports, the experts made positive suggestions on the future development of the company in the “big health” industry as well as the strengthening of coordination between the company and the China Health Care Association's professional and technical aspects. Mr Qin Xiaoming, director of the Association, fully affirmed the company’s work in every aspect and pointed out that this inspection trip had exceeded expectation and achieved the goal. At the same time, he hoped that the company will become the vanguard of the top 100 brand of the health care industry in China and make New Era a world brand of health care.