General Manager Huang Yonggang's visit to Xinhuanet for video interview

Release time:2018-05-31 19:00
    On January 23, Huang Yonggang, general manager of New Era Health Industry Group, visited Xinhuanet to communicate with netizens on the development direction, innovation path, and operation mode of the health industry.
    Before the interview, Huang Yonggang visited Xinhuanet News Center accompanied by Xinhuanet leaders. Xinhuanet is a comprehensive news information service portal sponsored by Xinhua News Agency, China’s stated-owned national news agency, which is an important online public opinion podium of the Party and boasts great influence at home and abroad.
    In the interview, General Manager Huang Yonggang gave an elaborated explanation on the development situation of the health industry under the new situation, the impact and role of Internet economy on the health industry, and the researches on physical health care of New Era Health Industry. He also made an objective analysis on the health industry’s upcoming development opportunities.
    Interview video link: